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The1680, dessins pour les animaux


1680 animaux sont tués dans le monde pour la viande et l’industrie laitière. Ce site a le projet de regrouper 1680 dessin d’animaux pour les exposer et les publier.

- Futur site web : www.the1680.org

53 billion land animals are slaughtered every year worldwide for the meat and dairy industries. None of these deaths are necessary in any way.

This is too big a number to really comprehend but it becomes easier if we think of it as 1680 animals every second.

We are looking for individuals to help us launch an exciting new campaign concept that will highlight this massive death toll of animals killed for food worldwide.

Our aim is to produce a piece of eye catching imagery that may be used for campaign purposes. We wish to depict the 1680 killed every second with a montage of pictures, drawn by you !

We hope to gather 1680 drawings of individual ‘food’(?) animals with each representing one animal death. You do not need to be an accomplished artist to participate, a doodle will do ! Or you may make your drawing as detailed as you like, however, please note that your drawing should measure 3.5cm by 4.5 cm, like a portrait passport photo. For time saving purposes we would appreciate it if you would resize your own images if necessary, however we will do this if you are unable. We welcome all different styles as we wish to make this montage as interesting and eye catching as possible. Colour or black and white images are fine and above all have fun ! (...)

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