☰ Film Terminal Recession on ARTE ! ☰

::10.10.2012:: My short animation film will be on ARTE Creative

2012 :: Short sand animation film Terminal Recession {JPEG}2012 :: Terminal Recession :: Sand animation film {JPEG} I am very pleased to announce the release of Terminal Recession online on"Court-circuit" in the labo section.

Experimental film, which distribution channels are limited, my new short movie will be visible from Wednesday (10/10/2012) on ARTE Creative: platform dedicated to emerging talent in the field of audiovisual and digital media whose purpose is to welcome, to raise awareness and encourage young talents from all backgrounds.
I am delighted to see the work of the entire team of the film highlighted.

- See you this Wednesday to see the whole movie on http://creative.arte.tv/en/space/Co...

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2012 :: Terminal Recession :: Sand animation film {JPEG}

First projections for Recession Terminal

- Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne 2012 : selection for european competition, November 22, 23, 2012

- A first official screening is scheduled for the Film at "Carrefour de l’Animation": One of the major events for animation films in France.

- Please book your agendas : Friday, November 23 at 18h : screening at "Forum des Images"...

2012 :: Terminal Recession: screening at "Carrefour du Cinéma d’Animation"
November 11, 2012, Forum des Images
The film will be on ARTE Creative this 10.10.2012

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