Film Morsures

<2013> Black & White drawing film

Short film editing some of my paper drawings

This film uses a selection of my black and white drawings (ink, posca, charcoal) made ​​between 2010 and 2012.
More than a slideshow, this short film is a staged drawings, to create a mood, a progression, without narrative but with parts forming a whole.
Another way to present the drawings, an experimental film.

2012 :: Assembly :: Black ink, 29.5x29.5cm {JPEG}

- Lighter video file:

Morsures :: Film with black and white drawings
2011 :: Dehumanize machine 2011 model :: Black Ink Drawing, part :: 50x60 cm

> Keywords:  Animaux - Liberté - Noir - Uniformisation
- 24 April 2013 - Update February 2017
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