Black and white drawing on paper, drawings with sand or computer. Drawings mostly with ink, acrylic paint or sand, full of black humor, cartoons with social criticism, satire of society, poetry, figurative abstract, geometric...

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Souvenirs: live painting video

Film made of acrylic painting live under camera

Here is my first acrylic painting live under camera. Souvenirs is a 18 minutes video, assembled from an improvisation of more than 2h realized on November 21, 2016. As a continuation of my (...)

Black paintings & colors

In the fall of 2014, I began to also use colors in my paintings. Other dimensions are open to exploration, other emotions...

Comic: Growth Factor

2013 :: Black & white comic strip, 13 pages

Here is a short comic that I completed in June 2013. This is a story without words, in black and white, and with few vignettes. It is about economic growth ... and war. PDF file + Galery of (...)

Sand drawings 2010 and more

Some various sand drawings

Drawings on different themes: realistic, portraits, imaginary, nature

Various drawings & paintings, black and white

Drawings in black ink and other techniques

From 2010, back to the drawing on paper...

Sand drawings 2004-2009

Some various sand drawings, made on a special luminous table

Drawings on different themes: fantastic, dark, poems, poetic ...

Animated black and white comic

Cartoons between animation film and graphic comics

Between animation film and silent comic: "MOBILES 01 : Provisions", comic without music or text, sharp and sleek

Black and White drawings: Reflections

Pure black and white drawings called "Réflections", by David Myriam

Graphics drawings, sort of original "icons", "symbols" that represent ordinary situations in nature, animal society and human society. Without comment.


Black and white drawings

Series of drawings in black and white flat tints, Recomposition is a resumption of the series « Morcellements » including 40 new drawings.

Cartoons and various critical drawings

ARCHIVES: drawings prior to 2004

Here is a selection of disparate drawings made before 2004, using various techniques: ink, pen, pencil, paint, computer... About violence, consumerism, current events, war, animals ...


My Drawings

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