My short films are uselly sand animation films. Movie made frame by frame or with live drawings, these films are all deeply personal.

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My film "Midnight Blue" is online!

Sand art drawing short movie by David Myriam

In March 2018, on the occasion of anniversary of the 2011 tsunami in Japan that triggered the Fukushima nuclear disaster, I make public my short film "Midnight Blue" created in 2013. (…)

Sand art film: Midnight Blue

<2013> Sand drawing short movie: ecological tale

This sand drawing film was conducted without a budget or grants. Trailer Synopsis This ecological tale takes us to the heart of the underwater world, between night and light, following the (…)

Film Morsures

<2013> Black & White drawing film

Short film editing some of my paper drawings

Terminal Recession

<2012> Sand animation film, experimental

Terminal recession is an experimental film, shot entirely in sand animation (frame by frame) on the theme of a terrifying mutation... This expressionist animated film, full of emotions, (…)

REZIGN, sand animation film

<2010> After the end of the world... Poetic vision of the future on earth

The desert stretches, all life seems to have disappeared. The empty sets return to dust. And yet...

Reflections: slideshow film

Black and white drawings

A sort of slideshow made with black drawings, about violence and human uniformity, along with the sad fate of other animals. Black and white drawings like symbols, deliberately simplified, (…)

Rezign Live, experimental film

Sand drawing with two screens

This film is coming from a special performance set in France in december 2010. This film used 2 screens to feel different aspects of the story.

It’s not food! (sand animation film)

<2009> Sand animation film about production of “foie gras” (fat liver) in stockbreedings

No more wild ponds or grass, it’s time for metal cages, for tubes and neon lights, it’s time for mechanical chains and corn overdoses, to electric shocks and sharp knives… Is there a time for (…)

Do you mind?

<2006> A strange sand animation film with strange music

My second short film with sand animation is online

A hole in the place of heart

<2005> Short animation film made with sand animation

Animation short film was entirely create with sand animation.

Between your hands

This animation film is a photo assembly of drawings on sand

The succession of photographs creates a cartoon film (sand animation) made of sand drawings that transform into very particular images.


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