April 2008
Update October 2012


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Animated black and white comic

Cartoons between animation film and graphic comics

Between animation film and silent comic: "MOBILES 01 : Provisions", comic without music or text, sharp and sleek

Mobile 01 : Provisions: PLAY Here is a new graphic creation on Art-Engage.net: animated comic. Flash black and white moving cartoons .
 SEE MOBILES 01 : Provisions (3 pages)

Mobile 01 : Provisions
Moving black and white comic

(Full screen advised: tape F11)

Mobile 01 : Provisions, extract

 MOBILES, an animated series in comic who tries to enter by the dissection of "life cycles", the horror, confinement and absurd repetitions in today’s world.
The first "moving cartoons" in the series, Provisions, shows the buying cycle-consumption in supermarkets.

Mobile 01 : Provisions, page 2 Mobile 01 : Provisions, page 3

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