March 2013
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Movement RevoltEmotion

Launching an artistic movement!

Revolted artists come together for an artistic movement of critical resistance and utopia

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Mouvement RevoltEmotion

Hi to all of you, dear artists,

In front of increasingly conformist systems, formatted and self-destructive, an enraged art, emancipating and whistleblower is required!

2013 :: Blooming :: Posca & nk wash, A4 {JPEG}We are launching the artistic movement RevoltEmotion to develop and share creations which call to resistance, to criticism, to other worlds.

We hope that the members defend the same basic ideas, namely denounce violence and absurdities of "societies", the capitalism and all other forms of oppression.

The important thing is to be driven by a strong spirit of revolt and unleash our imagination to create catalysts against this awful world, destructive, incoherent, and for a world in peace, sharing, freedom and fraternity.

The goal of this artistic movement is not going into the system, but to destroy it !
In contrast to pushy and pretentious artists who do not defend any ethical value, but only pecuniary, selfish, egotistical.

2012 :: Sheeps Factory :: Black & White ink Drawing, part, 50x70 cm
The subjects of our anger and revolt are numerous, endless !
Our desires of something other than this race to abyss are huge, deep.

We want to break the chains, open the doors of our prisons, for the good of all.
We don’t want anymore this unequal system organized and governed by the strong competition of all against all.
Against all forms of extremism, sexism, the right to be different.
To defend all basic freedoms for the good of all without exception, human or not, for our planet and everything that composes it.

2012 :: November 21 :: Grenoble {JPEG}We want to produce strong artworks, disturbing, reflecting the reality of this awful world and referring to the beauty of a world to come. These works will be first echo of our inner rages and will not be driven by politically correct speech or propaganda.

This movement aims to bring people together, non-competitive, self-managed.
All artistic disciplines are welcome. The idea is to help each other, share experiences and make them available to everyone.
If there are any monetary gains, they will be for expenses and to help create / distribute other works.
The creations will be distributed free or at participating pricing. They will be directly targeted to people or individuals and protest groups that have the same goal of global emancipation.
However, we will not be affiliated with any school of thought or political party, like art, we want to remain free.

2013 :: Shortwave :: Black ink, 65x38 {JPEG}We want to use and develop our talents and artistic abilities to serve for demanding creations, disturbing, rebellious, targeting the beauty of expression, universality (in the themes and accessibility).

Our goal is not decorative ! Not a vain aesthetic style egocentric or a mere illustrative of political slogans, yes to freedom and rebellious aesthetic.

2012 :: November 21 :: Grenoble {JPEG}We want to use the weapon of art to scratch train paths off sterile harmless culture, puff by money or anesthetized by the political powers.
We want art that burns the fingers and eyes, which returns the brains to make them available to dissent and utopia.
Art, like life, is fond of poetry and freedom.

No matter the distance, continent, or your means of expression, we want an artistic world fight.
We begin on the web. Subsequently, we want to organize exhibitions, events...

JPEGThank you for sharing, for your suggestions, feedback, and send us your artwork.
Do not hesitate to ask questions, write to us and to participate if this project speaks to you.
 Here is a forum to discuss and organize >

Sincerely, waiting to hear from you, Regards,
The first members,
Boris Lesoir & David.Myriam

Contact : arts(AROBASE)
(Replace AT and brackets with @)

2011 :: Dehumanize machine 2011 model :: Black Ink Drawing, part :: 50x60 cm

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