November 2013
Update October 2023
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Sand art film: Midnight Blue

<2013> Sand drawing short movie: ecological tale

This sand drawing film was conducted without a budget or grants.



This ecological tale takes us to the heart of the underwater world, between night and light, following the rhythm of a whale’s meditations, a privileged witness of human activity on the oceans.

2013 :: Midnight Blue :: Sand drawing film

History of the birth of the film

2013 :: Midnight Blue :: Oil slick {JPEG}I imagined this film after creation of two live sand drawing performances for the Festival Musica Nigella in 2011, with music by Crumb and Natsuda .
The theme of the concert was "The Secret Life of Oceans" , and I was inspired dramas including the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster , and the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform operated by BP .

For the first time , I used blue sand , which corresponded well to the diving atmosphere.

2013 :: Midnight Blue :: Sand drawing film

Thereafter, I imagined a storyboard inspired by these performances , adding other elements , including the issue of fishing and fish consumption.
2013 :: Sand drawing film "Midnight Blue" :: David Myriam {JPEG}
Once editing advanced , on the advice of productor Citron Bien & Hélène Ducrocq , I wrote a poem to give another dimension to the film.
For the first time , I created a movie with lyrics.

Gérard Bonnotte then harmonized its original musical composition with this poem.
The film was completed in June 2013.

2014 :: Midnight Blue :: price for Yound Audience + nomination, Festival "Des Courts en Hiver", Porto Vecchio

Festivals and screenings

2014 :: Midnight Blue :: Washington Environmental Film Festival
2013 :: Midnight Blue :: Sand art film, Festival selection

Other informations

  • Director: David Myriam
  • Technic: live sand drawing
  • Production: Pierre Dron – Citron Bien
  • Music / Sound design: Gérard Bonnotte
  • Artistic direction: Hélène Ducrocq
  • French voice over: Maud Fouassier
  • Subtitles: english, chinese & spanish subtitles available
  • Length 07’55"
  • End of Production: June 2013
  • Shooting: digital camera HD
  • Available formats: digital files, DVD, Blu Ray...
  • Postcards available here
  • Facebook page

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