May 2005
Update October 2023
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A hole in the place of heart

<2005> Short animation film made with sand animation

Animation short film was entirely create with sand animation.

My first animation short film was finished in January 2005; the film is entitled « Un trou à la place du cœur » (A hole in the place of heart). It is an independent film carried out without any budget.

  • Duration: 2 minutes and 52 sec
  • Technique: sand animation on line under camera
  • Original music: Mathieu Lozinguez
  • Camera: still camera Dimage A1 (Minolta)
  • Synopsis: When the violence of individuals generates the birth of an unverifiable collective monster... A surrealist vision of inhumanity.
  • Info: I worked starting from a scenario (with drawings of the key images of each plan), then transforming a little the screen (additions and modifications of plans) during the realization. No producer and no budget for this independent short film.

 This animation short film is available on DVD or CD.

 Here are extracts from this sand animation film:

 Festivals and screenings:

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