March 2014
Update November 2021
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My shop

Sale drawings reproductions, post cards, books...

My DVD "Sand art in all its forms"

2017 :: David Myriam's DVD: Sand art videos {JPEG}2017 :: David Myriam's DVD: Sand art videos {JPEG}For 2017, I create a new DVD with my sand drawings creations.

A selection of videos to be discovered and shared:

  • 6 personal shorts (animation frame by frame and live drawing)
  • 6 teasers of shows (theater, concert, David Myriam’s shows ...)
  • 6 clips and movies on request (animation, making off ...)
  • 2 slideshows of sand drawings (from 2009 to 2016) + 2 bonuses

The sand plays with light and the artist creates ephemeral stories

 DVD offered at free price and conscious (you choose the right price yourself), + port for mail order
 contact me to order

My book EclaiRageS

Couverture du livre EclaiRageS {JPEG}This book is a collection of works of recent years:

  • drawings and paintings
  • Sand drawings from shows, films, illustrations and others
  • extracts from my poems and short stories

Book Features:

  • 128 color pages
  • A4 landscape format
  • About 350 printed images!
  • Soft cover 300g film, pages in 170g, binding spiral metallic
  • 1st edition of 60 copies, printing cost of one copy: 8 €
  • Book offered at free price and conscious (you choose the right price yourself, knowing that in the trade the price would probably be 20-30 €), with a minimum of 15 € + port for mail order purchases

 Contact me to order

Sailing online reproductions of my drawings

2013 :: Birth :: acrylic paint, 50x65cm {JPEG}

Sale of drawings & painting on paper, ink or acrylic, on Saatchi Online network

Sale of sand drawings reproductions, on Society 6 network

Delivery in almost all countries, different media and formats available.
If you are interested in one of my drawings that are not in these galleries, ask me to add.

Sailing postcards

 5 models available :

1. Movie Bleu Nuit 2. Terminal Recession 3. Spring Tree 4. Human Machine
Postcard :: Midnight Blue movie :: sand {JPEG} Postcard :: Terminal Recession movie :: sand {JPEG} Postcard :: Srping Tree :: ink {JPEG} Postcard :: Human Machine :: ink {JPEG}
Postcard :: Midnight Blue movie :: sand, Verso {JPEG} Postcard :: Terminal Recession movie :: sand, Verso {JPEG} Postcard :: Srping Tree :: ink, Verso {JPEG} Postcard :: Human Machine :: ink, Verso {JPEG}
5. The new life of Salome
Postcard :: Sand art show "The new life of Salome" {JPEG} size 10 x 15 cm, Shipping included for France (other countries see me)
Postcard :: Sand art show "The new life of Salome", verso {JPEG}
  • 2 € for one
  • € 1.30 one from 5 cards to choose from
  • € 1 one from 10 cards to choose from

Thank you to send your checks payable to "David Myriam", indicating the selected models (Ask me by email to get my postal adress)

More possibilities for shopping and support

 Order my book Contrepoison (french), paper book or PDF format

 Support my website and art through donations via PayPal at free price

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