Painting triptychs on lacerated cardboard

Black and white drawings on collected cardboard

2014 :: Living Wood :: triptych acrylic paint, 3xx10x80cm

Here are some of my new experiments in June 2014 black acrylic painting on cardboard lacerated with cutter.

Each triptych looks a bit like a comic strip, it is the viewer who imagines action or links between the parties.

2014 :: Compartmentalization :: triptych acrylic paint, 3xx80x10cm {JPEG}

2014 :: Filaments :: triptych acrylic paint, 3xx80x10cm {JPEG}

2014 :: Rifts :: triptych acrylic paint, 3xx80x10cm {JPEG}

Detail of a painting, where we see the dynamic aspect of lacerations:
2014 :: Compartmentalization :: detail for center part, 80x10cm {JPEG}

Another painting:
2014 :: Silent Crowd :: acrylic paint, 36x52cm {JPEG}

For these creations, I used scraps of cardboard framing who had served for cuts. Sometimes I’ve added extra cutter shots.

I think reuse this process. The dynamism and aesthetics lacerations are interesting and I likes opening a beginning of story, to put in perspective that allows a multi-faceted work side by side.

4 August 2014 - Update August 2014
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