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David Myriam :: Artist

My Films

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My film "Midnight Blue" is online!

Sand art drawing short movie by David Myriam

Sand art film: Midnight Blue

<2013> Sand drawing short movie: ecological tale

Film Morsures

<2013> Black & White drawing film

Terminal Recession

<2012> Sand animation film, experimental

REZIGN, sand animation film

<2010> After the end of the world... Poetic vision of the (…)

Reflections: slideshow film

Black and white drawings

Rezign Live, experimental film

Sand drawing with two screens

It’s not food! (sand animation film)

<2009> Sand animation film about production of “foie gras” (fat (…)

Do you mind?

<2006> A strange sand animation film with strange music

A hole in the place of heart

<2005> Short animation film made with sand animation

Between your hands

This animation film is a photo assembly of drawings on sand

My Drawings

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Souvenirs: live painting video

Film made of acrylic painting live under camera

Comic: Growth Factor

2013 :: Black & white comic strip, 13 pages

Sand drawings 2010 and more

Some various sand drawings

Various drawings & paintings, black and white

Drawings in black ink and other techniques

Sand drawings 2004-2009

Some various sand drawings, made on a special luminous table

Animated black and white comic

Cartoons between animation film and graphic comics

Black and White drawings: Reflections

Pure black and white drawings called "Réflections", by David Myriam


Black and white drawings

Cartoons and various critical drawings

ARCHIVES: drawings prior to 2004

Film Midnight Blue: voice-over of lyrics

Poem & film by David Myriam

SOUFFLE: sand art show

| 2016 | one hour show with sand drawing stories, poetry, music...

Sand art performance "The new life of Salome"

::2015:: Creation of Mouving Sand show, 45 min. long

Painting triptychs on lacerated cardboard

Black and white drawings on collected cardboard

My shop

Sale drawings reproductions, post cards, books...

Polarization: steps in art creation

Graphic searches for producing a drawing

Sand drawings, reproductions for sale online

NEW: order online sand drawings prints

Movement RevoltEmotion

Launching an artistic movement!

☰ Film Terminal Recession on ARTE ! ☰

::10.10.2012:: My short animation film will be on ARTE Creative

Film Terminal Recession ...ended!

::June 2012:: end of production

Exhibition in Switzerland at "Espace Noir"

::August 08 to September 02, 2012:: Drawings and short animation films

Sand animation film "Do You Mind?" on channel Canal+

1st broadcast May 7th, 2010 at 23h30

Sand painting performances

Performances for special events, shows, festival

Live sand shows

Creation of live performances of sand animation for shows



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