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Last Drawings

Last pictures (14 December 2017): black & white drawings, paintings with colors or sand drawings:
- View my short movie Midnight Blue now with VOD:


Last Updates

Souvenirs: live painting video

Film made of acrylic painting live under camera

Here is my first acrylic painting live under camera. Souvenirs is a 18 minutes video, assembled from an improvisation of more than 2h realized on November 21, 2016. As a continuation of my work (...)

SOUFFLE: sand art show

| 2016 | one hour show with sand drawing stories, poetry, music...

Souffle (that's his name) shared some of his stories, music, poetry and ideas. Martin Ferron (author, composer, animator of "Microphone francophone" and social worker) & David Myriam (visual (...)

Sand art performance "The new life of Salome"

::2015:: Creation of Mouving Sand show, 45 min. long

New creation 2015

My movie Midnight Blue VOD

At Last! no more need to move to the other side of the world to see my film at a festival, it is now available on VOD on Rendez-vous-tv: This sand drawing film was conducted without a budget or (...)

Black paintings & colors

In the fall of 2014, I began to also use colors in my paintings. Other dimensions are open to exploration, other emotions...

Painting triptychs on lacerated cardboard

Black and white drawings on collected cardboard

Here are some of my new experiments in June 2014 black acrylic painting on cardboard lacerated with cutter. Each triptych looks a bit like a comic strip, it is the viewer who imagines action or (...)

My shop

Sale drawings reproductions, post cards, books...

My DVD "Sand art in all its forms" For 2017, I create a new DVD with my sand drawings creations. A selection of videos to be discovered and shared: 6 personal shorts (animation frame by frame (...)

Sand art film: Midnight Blue

<2013> Sand drawing short movie: ecological tale

Midnight Blue VOD At Last! no more need to move to the other side of the world or France to see my film at a festival, it is now available on VOD on Rendez-vous-tv: This sand drawing film was (...)

Comic: Growth Factor

2013 :: Black & white comic strip, 13 pages

Here is a short comic that I completed in June 2013. This is a story without words, in black and white, and with few vignettes. It is about economic growth ... and war. PDF file + Galery of comic (...)

Polarization: steps in art creation

Graphic searches for producing a drawing

Here are below in the gallery drafts and various research I had done before making the final drawing, called polarization. It was late 2012, a "creative exercise" during a contest on the theme of (...)

2012 :: Assembly :: Black ink, 29.5x29.5cm

News from David Myriam Sand Drawing shows and films: The Mouving Sand


Sand performances for the play "When an animal is watching you"

2016 :: Live sand art :: play, Paris In March, I perform with this contemporary play directed (...)

14 February 2018

Show "The new life of Salome" in Rive-de-Gier

Lecture 2016 - Teaser for sand art show "The new life of Salome" by David Myriam (...)

8 February 2018

Show Souffle: Anneyron (France)

«The» concert-show Souffle was in Anneyron for a nice evening. The village hall was full 2016 :: (...)

27 January 2018

Performances for the play "When an animal is watching you"

Lecture 2016 - Play "When an animal is watching you", teaser by David Myriam (...)

2 January 2018

Show Souffle: Jarcieu (France)

«The» concert-show Souffle will be in Jarcieu for an event of an association working in Benin. (...)

17 October 2017


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- The artist David Myriam discovered his vocation in the 90s: drawings, comics, poetry, short stories...
- in 1998, he start learning sand drawing, and makes sand animation films since 2004.
- Since 2005, he presents live sand drawing performances (> tramage.com) for various events and live shows (festivals, concerts, theater, opera...), in France and abroad.

- His black and white drawings have a symbolic aspect, clinical, sometimes almost abstract, with a rebellious alien point of view.

- His short films are expressionist poetic criticism.

He/She is interesting in violence inside exploitation reports or animals relationship, ecology, gender issues, process of self-destruction and alienation, utopia.

These are the structures and absurd archetypes, the deadly habits that the artist wants to highlight.



- Unless otherwise indicated, the creations of this site are copyright of David Myriam. Unless otherwise stated, the reproduction is permitted for noncommercial use, provided that the source is: "David Myriam :: art-engage.net"

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