May 2005
Update April 2013
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A hole in the place of heart

<2005> Short animation film made with sand animation

Animation short film was entirely create with sand animation.

My first animation short film was finished in January 2005; the film is entitled « Un trou à la place du cœur » (A hole in the place of heart). It is an independent film carried out without any budget.

  • Duration: 2 minutes and 52 sec
  • Technique: sand animation on line under camera
  • Original music: Mathieu Lozinguez
  • Camera: still camera Dimage A1 (Minolta)
  • Synopsis: When the violence of individuals generates the birth of an unverifiable collective monster... A surrealist vision of inhumanity.
  • Info: I worked starting from a scenario (with drawings of the key images of each plan), then transforming a little the screen (additions and modifications of plans) during the realization. No producer and no budget for this independent short film.

- This animation short film is available on DVD or CD.

- Here are extracts from this sand animation film:

- Festivals and screenings:

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